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We stock many miniature accessory items for your fairy garden.  The items in kits are your best value and will save you money if you can use all of the items included.  They will help to make your fairy garden unique.  Most are weatherproof.  Double click on any image to enlarge picture.

***Popular Vertical Garden is found at bottom of this page.   See before and after pictures of this cute project using miniature plants.

Mini Bike 2" x 3"

Mini Metal Gate $5.00
6.5" ht. x 2.75" w

3 Pc Bistro Set $12.00
Table 2 1/2" ht x 2 3/4" diam/chairs 3" ht

Fairy Crossing Sign Reg $12.00 Sale price $9.00
3 5/8 x 3 x 5 1/2"ht-cement

Decorative Mini Metal Bridge $12.00 Sale $9.50
Approx 4 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 3" (with 2" pick)

Mini Metal Bridge $8.00 Sale $6.50
4" ht x 1.25"w x 4.25" long

3 Pc. Accessory Kit
Save $ buying a kit!


Great for containers or
your fairy garden!
1 Miniature Birdbath    (6 1/4" ht)
1 Miniature Birdhouse  (8 3/4" ht)
1 Miniature Beeskep    (7 1/2" ht)
$13.00  Sale Price $11.00

3 White Gates Kit
Save $ buying a kit!

3 White Gates Kit

Great for containers or
your fairy garden!
1 White wood gate
1 White wood picket gate
1 White iron gate

10 Pc. Accessory Kit
New Lower Price!

10 Pc Kit

Great for containers or
your fairy garden!
1 mini chair 
1 4 pc tool set
1 set of 3 clay pots
1 watering can
1 wheelbarrow

11 Pc. Accessory Kit
New Lower Price!

11 Pc Kit

Great for containers or
your fairy garden!
1 tool trug
1 bucket 
1 4 pc tool set
1 set of 3 clay pots
1 watering can
1 wheelbarrow

Deluxe 18 Pc. Accessory Kit
Save $ buying a kit!


This deluxe kit has everthing you need....will look great with any fairy house and will add interesting details to your fairy garden!  Depending on how you decide to use it, it may be enough for several fairy gardens!
1 arbor with door
1 bench
1 chair
1 beeskep on pick
1 birdbath on pick
1 birdhouse on pick
1 urn on pick
1 trug on pick
1 watering can
1 bucket
3 small pots
set of 4 garden tools (rake, hoe, shcvel, pitchfork)
1 wheelbarrow

Super Deluxe 21 Pc. Accessory Kit
Save $ buying a kit!


This super deluxe kit has a few more items included!
1 arbor with door
1 bench
1 chair
1 beeskep on pick
1 birdbath on pick
1 birdhouse on pick
1 urn on pick
1 trug on pick
2 watering cans
1 bucket
3 small pots
set of 4 garden tools (rake, hoe, shovel, pitchfork)
1 wheelbarrow
1 wood gate
1 fence 3" x 5'

Mini Bird Bath 6.5" w/pick

Mini BirdHouse 8.5" w/pick

Mini BeeSkep 7.5" w/pick

Mini Urn 7.5" w/pick

Mini Trug 6.5" w/pick
$4.50 Sale $3.50

Mini 4 pc tool set - 3"

Mini Watering Cans
2 for $9.00 Sale 2 for $7.00

Mini Bucket 1.5-2" ht

Mini Wheelbarrow 1.5"x5"
$9.00 Sale price $7.25

3 mini clay pots

Mini wire chair
$6.50 Sale price $5.50

Mini Wire Bench

Wire Arbor 7" ht (w/o picks)

Arbor with door 8.5x3.5

Willow Arbor $13.00
3 1/2" x 8" with out picks (total 12" w picks)

Mini Trellis 12" ht x 5" w
$5.00 (Green vinyl coated steel) Sale $4.00

Tile Path 1' (11 pc)

11 pc tile path is 1' long, but in 1 strip so your path
 will stay in place unlike little rocks or pebbles!

Mini flower cement stepping stones
$15 Set/6 SALE $14 (2 1/2 in x 2 1/2 in)

Very cute flower stepping stones
for your little fairies to skip along!

Natural twig garland
1" x 15' $9.99 SALE $6.99

This can be used in many ways in your fairy is fun to experiment with!

Vine Covered Fairy Hideaway
$9.00 SALE $6.00 -- Approx 7" x 13" ht

The little fairy sitting on the twig bench inside is not included.  However, it does look really cute....and there are lots of other things on our web site that would be cute inside!

Mini Golf Set
$3.50 (Club approx 2 3/4")

Mini Happy Birthday Cake
( 1" w x 1 1/2" ht) $4.00

Fairies have birthdays too!

4"x6" Mirror (for pond/lake)

8" Round Mirror (for pond/lake)

Mini white wood picket gate
Mini white wood picket gate@ Market Hill
$4.50 SALE $3.00 (3" x 4")

Mini wood gate
Mini wood gate @ Market Hill
$4.50 SALE $3.00 (3"x 4")

Mini white iron gate
Mini white iron gate
$4.50 SALE $3.00 (2 1/2" x 3 1/4")

Mini rusty gate
$5.00 SALE $3.50 (2 1/2 x 3 1/2)

Clothes Pins (4)

Need more clothespins?
4 colorful tiny clothespins   $1.00

Weathered Wood Picnic Table-Approx 1.75"Hx3.5"Wx 4
$10.00 SALE $8.00

Miniature Straw Broom
Mini Broom.jpg


Set of 3 assorted tiny sized keys for fairy door embellishment.   $7.50

See fairy doors below.....great project for fun birthday parties, etc

Fairy Swing Approx 4" ht x 2"
$11.99 SALE Price $9.99

Sitting Fairy on Swing Hanging from Arbor
SALE! Set of 3 $29.99 (sitting fairy,swing,arbor)

This little fairy is thinking about how much fun that tire swing looks like it would be!

Mini Tire Swing

Arbor with Sitting Fairy on Tire Swing
Set of 3 $32.00 (sitting fairy,tire swing,arbor)

Dew Drop Inn Fairy Door

Dew Drop Inn Fairy Door
$22 SALE $16

The Dew Drop Inn Fairy Door
6 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 7 1/2" ht
$22.00  SALE $16.00

Ring This Bell Here
Fairies Will Dwell Near
Fairy Door

Ring This Bell Here Fairy Door
$22 SALE $18

Ring This Bell Here Fairies Will Dwell Near
(with a real bell that rings)
6" x 2" x 7" ht
$22.00  SALE $18.00

DIY Fairy Door

DIY fairy door
$7.00 (4" wide x 5 1/2" high)

For those who would like to personalize their fairy door...
endless possibilities with this blank fairy door!

Miniature Fencing

Metal Fence 3" ht x 30 1/4" Long

* NEW *
3" x 30 1/4" brown metal fence
Very cute and can be used straight across also!
$18.00 SALE PRICE $14.00


3" x 5' brown metal fence
 (comes with 3" picks to secure into ground)
$20.00 SALE PRICE $18.00

NEW! Mini Fencing
$10. 1/2" x 5' approx

New!  Now in stock
Tiny Fencing    
.5”h decorative loop on .75”h picks x 60”L


Stone Table & Bench


NEW & Now in stock!!
Mini Stone Table
2 1/2" ht x 2 1/2"w x 5" L
$15.00 SALE PRICE $14.00

NEW & Now in stock!!
Mini Stone Bench
1 1/2" x 3 1/2 " L
$7.50 each

Whimsical Teacup & Saucer Planter


Teacup 4 3/4" diam x 2 3/4" ht and has drainage hole
Saucer is 7 3/8" diameter and has a glazed surface
(Plant not included)
Very cute whimsical planter is a great gift item......
This would be so cute with a fairy in the middle of the flowers!

Seasonal mini garden
 items & one of a kinds!

Display Case $10.00
9 1/2" w x 15" ht

The perfect place to store/display some of your tiny fairy accessories when you are not using them in the garden!  Or maybe you have other small collectables that would look nice in this.  Maybe a tiny vertical garden if you put drainage holes in the back??  Endless possibilites!
9 openings / each is 2 3/4" w x 4 1/4" ht x 1 3/4" deep
2 hangers on the back

Vertical Garden (planted in display case at left)
Approx 9 1/2" x 15" $10 (w/o plants)

We have planted a mini vertical garden in the display case at left. 
A little fairy sits on top keeping watch over the plants.  We've used
several types of tiny sedums, thymes, and even a miniature cranesbill.
Many other plants could be used but we recommend plants that do not
require a lot of watering.  They should all do well once they get established. 
After establishedthere are 2 hangers on the back to hang as outdoor garden art. 
We would recommend laying it flat when watering and hanging when it has drained.

Vertical mini garden planted
1 month later/Double click to enlarge

Display case frame only is $10.....ready for your imagination and creativity to plant this fun
hanging outdoor art that you've created!
We have many fairies on our web site ......add a flower fairy for an additional $14.95.

Miniature 3 Tier Cascade Planter


You can make a really neat fairy garden using trailing miniature plants or even mosses with this 3 tier planter.  Endless possibilities for a really unique fairy garden!
Top basket:        6" dia. x 3" deep
Middle basket:    8" dia. x 5" deep
Bottom basket: 11" dia. x 7" deep
Overall height:  19"

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